Association Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines
Dogs - Must be kept on a leash or electronic collar while on the Common Elements at all times and waste must be cleaned up after them. Waste bags are provided in two dispensers.  Co-Owners should report violations, which will be kept confidential.  Barking dogs are annoying, so please do not leave dogs unattended.
Parking - Please respect your neighbors by using only one parking spot. Many people arrive late on Thursday or Friday only to find both of the parking slots filled. Make sure to advise your guests. You would not want them embarrassed. Extra parking is available on the south side of the road.
Trailers - Trailers (boat, camper, etc.) cannot be parked outside for more than three days. They must be pulled into a garage or moved off the Harborview Ridge property after three days.
Gem Cars - Special care should be exercised when driving on the pathway to the Yacht Club. This pathway also is used by walkers, bikers, and other non-motorized conveyances.
Garage Doors - These should be closed unless entering or exiting your unit.
Grass Areas - Furniture, grilles, or other personal items should not be placed on the grass.
Signage - Placement of advertising or promotional material of any kind is not allowed within Harborview Ridge property.