Architectural Alterations and Modifications

Architectural Alterations and Modifications
The Harborview Ridge Association By-laws state that no Co-owner shall make alterations in exterior appearance or make structural modifications to their unit (including interior walls and utilities) or make changes in any of the Common elements, Limited or General, without the express written approval of the Board of Directors. This includes, but is not limited to items such as, exterior painting or the erection of antennas, lights, aerials, flags, awnings, doors, shutters, newspaper holders, mailboxes, basketball backboards or other exterior attachments or modifications.

Process to Request Alterations and Modifications
1. The Harborview Ridge management company shall act as the receiving agent for all alteration or modification requests, concerns, and correspondence. These requests shall be in writing with a detailed description of the change. Included should be any supplementary material needed for clarification. The form for this submission has been included in is part of this Section.

2. The Board of Directors will review the request with assistance from the Architectural committee.

3. Following receipt of the Architectural Committee's recommendation, the Board would respond in writing to the unit-owner. This process should take no longer than 30 days.

4. All materials would be included in the specific unit's file for future reference.
Architectural changes shall become the ongoing responsibility of the Co-owner. Any future maintenance costs or repairs resulting from these changes will be the Co-owners responsibility.